Skin care

Skin Care

With 4 different levels of Sunless Tanning and Custom Memberships curated for you. Looking your Best is always in Season.

Our Tanning Specialists will guide you through the process

We recommend everything in moderation – Just like exposure to the Sun, your exposure to our SunBeds needs to be managed so you get the perfect glow without endangering your skin. By gradually building a base tan, you can reap the benefits of tanning without burning and achieve that beautiful bronze glow.

We offer Bronzers, Accelerators, Intensifiers, Tinglers and Tan Extending Moisturizing Lotions to give you the perfect glow and protect your skin.

UVA and UVB Rays are beneficial in moderation – Just like the Sun, our SunBeds provide beneficial Vitamin D3 for muscle and bone health and may give you increased energy, reduce anxiety, relieve depression and may improve mood through the release of endorphins.

UV Rays are also known to kill viruses like Influenza, COVID-19 and others.